In Honor of Poetry Month: A few poems about the beauty of film

poetry month pic

Few people know this but I found my way into the filmmaking world via poetry. As a college student, I loved poetry and I wrote my thesis as a book of my own poetry. Yet when I graduated I wanted to something more. A few years later I found a connection between the power and magic of words and images in film, and I decided to become a filmmaker. I believed that films could change the world, just like words. So I will always be a poet at heart; as a poet I allow my poetry to enrich my writing as a filmmaker on an inspirational level. Beauty on the page is an irresistible thing. Although screenplays should be maps to what we see, the words can make those images much more powerful than we imagine.

This Friday something amazing happened. We were able to raise a few more funds to transfer our film which we hadn’t seen. We shot back in February but myself and producers put in our personal money to get us through production. Unfortunately that didn’t cover post. We approached more donors and finally found the funds we needed from some generous friends to complete the transfer. It happened at Fotokem. The people there treated us so special, it’s hard to consider going to any other film lab ever. Finding out that Fotokem started as a place for students and independents only made me love it more.

In honor of the folks at Fotokem, Kodak and National Poetry month, I wrote this poem about the telecine (film going to video for editing purposes) and I have added below it a few of my twitter poems on film. The original article of twitter poems you can find on Kodak’s storyboard blog. If you like any of them, please repost, retweet, share or donate to us on razoo. Easter is a beautiful day to celebrate new things and beginnings. We are inching ever close to making this dark, inspirational thriller about human courage and strength for 2015 to celebrate the vibrance and resilience of a city 10 years after Hurricane Katrina.

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I love hanging out in darkrooms.

The glimmer of blinking lights

amidst buttons and functions

a board of potions and notions.


When the screen becomes bright

I rise. I rise from my chair

my mind uncurls, unfurls as

magic fills

the sheet or screen or stream

of pictures

with whispers of fixtures.


Even when they are wrong, they

are right. They are with the film.

They are of the light.

My vision soars.

I am grateful for the thrill of

electric one-lite.


Twitter Poems

Film is fearless. We balance time, patience, money, relationships. We stumble blindly in dark. We trust a blank slate. We believe.

Film is a turning point. The gate an axis that spins toward a new world. Projection is more than a light. It is a new beginning.

Film ignites. Light in nothingness. Hope in futility. Making a film is to glimpse divinity.


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