Five Reasons to Contribute to this Film

5 Reasons to support The Repass on $5 Friday


In an effort to increase our donor numbers on our Indiegogo campaign that ends January 1, we are holding a special donation day, today Friday, December 5th. Today only, anyone who donates $5 or more will receive a unique download of 5 pics from the trailer shoot by the end of the weekend. These pics are only available for this special promotion, so take advantage. But if that isn’t enough to tempt you, here are 5 reasons why you should support this film.

1. You want to see more original movies. Sure there are a lot of blockbusters that play in the mainstream that are entertaining, but there are so many original movies that deserve a chance to be a blockbuster too. The Repass is unique in that it not only has supernatural and thriller elements, but dramatic storytelling and historical value revolving around Hurricane Katrina. Your support acknowledges that you want to see more interesting and different forms of entertainment. Your support will help us complete the movie and get it into the theaters.
2. Watch a historical drama about a family. The Repass tells the story of a family who must traverse the wreckage of a Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. We reference stories of true characters. This film has the potential to persist over the next 100 years because this was such a pivotal event in American history. It was  a time that we all had the chance to recognize some of the things that are wrong with this country like how we treat our most vulnerable. Sadly we still haven’t done much about it. But there is still time.
3. Value a film with diversity. The Repass takes place in New Orleans which happens to be one of the most diverse cities of the world. We have characters of Asian, Hispanic, European and African descent. Not only that, this is a story that visits the poor and the well-to-do, the young and the old, both men and women. It is a story that has a multitude of elderly and classical characters. It is a story about a young girl who must learn about death in a new place.
4. Discover a different side of vodou. We all know stories of voodoo from movies like Serpent and The Rainbow, Angel Heart, Skeleton Key and even American Horror Story. This film shows a different side of vodou and Haitian culture, a positive side of this mysterious and enchanting religion. We get to see how the ancestral Haitian spirits of vodou come together to help a family move through dark times.
5. Be uplifted. This is probably what really doesn’t come across in most of our social media postings. This is a deeply spiritual film about how community comes together to help each other. We see a family pulled apart, come back together. With soulful hymns and chorals as a musical backdrop, this story is about how we can overcome some of our most challenging times. It reveals the tremendous power of love and what can happen when we decide to help each other.

Donate now.

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