Of Southern Comfort & Stubborn Good Will: 5 MORE REASONS


Our first $5 Friday was such a success we’re going to continue to do it through the remainder of our campaign. So here are FIVE more reasons for you to donate to our Indiegogo campaign. Remember your support during this season, helps us to make this film for NEXT holiday season and you get a wonderful gift of a unique 5-piece collage of production photos as our most heartfelt thank you! So check out reasons 6 – 10 below.


6. Meet the other side of New Orleans. Sure, everyone knows about the music, mardi gras, the fabulous food, even Marie Laveau. The cultural richness of New Orleans is renown. Yet what this film reveals is the resilient (and sometimes stubborn) spirit of the people who make this happen. They don’t care what other people think. They do what needs to be done. They are people we admire. These are the people we get to see in The Repass.

7. Music. Music tells our deepest sorrows and joys. The Repass is about taking old songs, hymns, chorals, spirituals and reworking them with a new twist. An Ave Maria, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Amazing Grace, The Lord is my Light to name a few– we take them and transform them. A little bit of jazz, a little bit of blues, a little bit of gospel. Mix in some Chicago, stir in some New Orleans and reap a lot of soul.

8. A different kind of hero. The heroine of The Repass is a young Creole girl named Marie. She’s not magical, she doesn’t have any super powers. She is not an amazon, a tomboy or a princess. She is just a girl, a girl who is struggling to find her brother in a devastated city. She does what’s hardest. She never gives up. She risks everything to save someone she cares for. Her courage is the inspiration that all of us need.

9. This moment will never be here again. When a major event happens in history, we tend to visit it 10 years later, 25 years later, 100 years later. But the 10th year is always the most momentous time to stop and reflect on what happened then, and what has happened now. The 10 year anniversary of Katrina is coming August 2015. It’s such an important event that showed us so much. The things we wanted to see and didn’t. We can’t forget that, because when we do we allow it to happen again. Be a part of this film. You can help us memorial these stories so they don’t happen again.

10. The Repass crosses genres and boundaries. There hasn’t been a film like The Repass. In this story there is tragedy, but there is also history, there is spectacle but there are also suspense. All of these combine to make a film about hope during a challenging time. The Repass isn’t quite a drama, or a thriller, a mystery or documentary. It is all of these… in one. It is time to break the boundaries of our expectations of what a film can be and to make something incredible… make something new.

Make The Repass. Donate Today.


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