Campaigns for Social Change

The end of the movie is not the end of the story. In Repass, we watch Marie save her family and her city, not by transforming into a super hero in a girl’s body, but by being who she is: a little girl. With all the grand Marvel comics and cops and robbers movies, Marie stands to be the greatest heroine of all because she is real. Because of this we are seeking to develop partnerships with the companies Catapult, Girls for Change, WriteGirl and TenXTen to create a “Be A Heroine” campaign.  There are so many ways that girls and women can be heroes, but in the media there is only one way – by becoming a man. We need more heroines like Katniss who save out of love, not competition. So I am excited to develop and promote this campaign (as well as 1 other) in partnership with these organizations and through my own relationships with the local libraries.

The other campaign which will launch ahead of the film is the grief to healing and spiritual campaign which uses art and photography to demonstrate for teens the balance of light and dark, good and bad, death and life that exists in the world. I hope to partner with the New Orleans organizations Season’s Grief Center and the Make It Right Foundation to build these workshops and develop a funding campaign for them. I believe that spiritual healing in the film should advocate for and recognize the larger needs and context of grief and healing within the world. These people do the hard work that still needs to be supported.

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