Repass 2012: A Year in Review

The Bayou

The Bayou

2012 was a great year and 2013 will only be better. In 2012 Repass was offered an option twice and shopped at AFM which resulted in discussions of co-productions in Canada as well as 2 distributors.  Repass was featured on Kodak’s Storyboard’s page (along with some lovely twitter poems on film) and connected to brokers and investors who are awaiting the anticipated packaging.  I established a blog so that interested parties could follow the artistic progress of the film and find confidence in its direction. Pending formal attachments of crew:  noted casting director, emmy award winning sound designer and emmy award winning picture editor and potential A-list and B-list cast that takes into account a marketable, international sales in foreign territories, we have developed a finance plan that includes tax incentives, equity, and foreign sales, and are poised for investor funding. Working with Film Specific in 2013 we will complete a business plan that will demonstrate  our proposal for investor premium repayment and security, shoot a trailer for the project, and complete packaging for production in the summer of 2013.

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